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Lens Miracles

The films of Len Rosen

New film in post-production!

Len has a new film in post-production.  A touching story about a young girl from the countryside who is lured into the big city in hopes of a better life.


The new film is called, "Little Yellow Flower".


More updates will follow on the completion of this much anticipated film in the coming weeks.

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TV Series in the Works!

Two very unique comedy series are being developed by Len Rosen! 

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Welcome to Lens Miracles!

Lens Miracles is not limited by budget, by cast or by possibilities.  We focus our efforts on turning out a story (feature or short) or subject (documentary) into a beautiful representation of the neverending limits of the imagination. 

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Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky

Filmed with no dialogue, Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky tells the touching story of a little girl who leaves home after losing everything dear to her i her life.  Her search for a new existance takes us on a very special journey. 

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Gravity 180

"Gravity 180" (the film) is a music documentary that showcases the history and contribution of its extraordinary band to the music industry.


Gravity 180 is made up of three esteemed and extremely talented singers and musicians.  They are:  Clydene Jackson, Oliver C. Brown and Harold Payne.  The film had also featured Nils, who is currently the number one smooth jazz artist in the country; and Eddie Brown of the famed 1960's folk duo Joe and Eddie.

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